Express Milwaukee

“The greatest, most unforgettable performances of the night were by Leah Coloff, who sang Hearne’s most searing songs while ferociously playing the cello part.”

New York Times

“Leah Coloff, accompanying herself on the cello — first with a pizzicato figure, then with aquick, repeating arpeggio — sings “The Soul Selects Her Own Society” with a combinationof artful angularity and a rock-inflected assertiveness.”

Vogue Italia

“Lucibel Crater surprise us with a schizoid, unpredictable sound made of both liveimprovisations and thoughtful studio recordings.”

Urban Magazine

“Something like Bjork and maybe like White Stripes; But the truth is that their sound isunique and not easy to label, to the extent that even Lou Reed has fallen in love with it.”

Buzzbin Magazine

“Now, close your eyes and imagine if Picasso had a band, and what they would soundlike.  Can I bastardize the term here and say Cubistic Beats?  Ahh…Okay…Hmmm…I’ll just

say what I really want you to know, this is totally music to get high too.  There, now its out.”

Awaken Music

“…unabashed writing and combination of instrumentation from song to song. They aretruly a talented group of creative artists.”